Literally Tacoma

Literally Tacoma is a literary-themed podcast hosted by William Turbyfill and produced by Creative Colloquy. Each month we look at an aspect of Tacoma Washington's literary community through interviews with local writers, organizations, and community members. We strive to support the written work of South Sound Washington scribes.

The Podcasts

In which Remann Hall Book Club founder, Margaret Ross, delves into the importance of providing quality literature to youth in detention. 

Check out the links below for further information.

Remann Hall Book Club

Remann Hall Book Club Facebook Page

Remann Hall Book Club at King's Books   


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In which Tacoma's 2015 AMOCAT Arts Award recipient Connie Walle teaches William and Christina a thing or two about poetry. 

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In which Sweet Pea Flaherty delves into the rich history of Tacoma's favorite bookshop, King's Books, and the four-legged felines that haunt its aisles.

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In which William and Christina sit down and chat with author and all around great guy, Steven Hendricks.

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In which local artist and writer Jennifer Chushcoff discusses Washington, writing, water and a topic with which she is most qualified to speak: Jennifer Chushcoff herself.

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In which Jackie and William reminisce all about Creative Colloquy's 2nd full year.

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In which Olympia poet and ecologist Bill Yake talks about his travels and his writings with William & Christina. 

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In which community organizer, poet, and professor Michael Haeflinger tells us about his life travels and Louder Than a Bomb Tacoma.  


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Literally Tacoma - Elijah Mu'ied Part Two

In which we sit down with Six Deep the Messenger and continue discussing the art of societal change.


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In which we sit down with Six Deep the Messenger and begin discussing the art of societal change.

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